Toyota Yaris, not too bad?

Recently, my dad was here from Tennessee to spend the week with my sister and I. To my dissapointment his rental car from the airport was a Toyota Yaris. At first glance its nothing eye-catching, and at a longer look its still nothing eye-catching. It’s completely just an average car for your average person who most likely doesn’t  really care what they drive. After a week of being in the Yaris numerous times, I have to say this car isn’t all that bad! Yes, its nothing fancy, very basic interior with cloth seats and a very plastic, cheap looking dashboard but the ride was suprisingly good. Now don’t go thinking that you’re going to get in this car and feel like you’re riding around in a BMW or Mercedes, but for a car thats base price is $14,430 it really isn’t too bad. Another plus besides the cheap price is the 30 mpg city and 37 mpg highway so you’ll be saving up at the pump as well. The moral of the story is that if you’re someone who doesn’t need an eye catching, fast, flashy car and wants to walk away with some extra cash in your pocket than why not stop by and check out a Yaris! (and no Toyota didn’t pay me to say that)



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