GoldRush Rally: Part Two


It’s time to continue the insanity that is GoldRush Rally. I have already shared some of the crazy cars and their wraps in Part One and now it’s time to show some more crazy cars!

One of the newest additions to the streets is the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Martino Auto Concepts took the already stunning Vette and put an immaculate wrap on. The wrap not only showcases real pictures of other exotic cars such as Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s but also show cases the legendary heritage of the all-American Corvette.

Next, we have a very famous and a very unique Lamborghini Aventador named Batventador. The sleek, blacked out Lambo hails from California and participated on the entire GoldRush trip.    The world famous Batman logo is on the hood of the vehicle among other places. A gold ribbon on the hood is in support of cancer awareness as the driver of the car frequently visits the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California. On the both sides of the Lambo there is stunning artwork of kids talking, meant to look like the Batman comic book. The wrap on this car was done by Protective Film Solutions and looks flawless.

Keeping up with the Aventador, next is the most driven and the most famous Lamborghini on the road today. Piloted by the ever so eccentric Team Salamone, Bryan Salamone and his girl Concubine, the chrome Lambo has been featured in many magazines and even the rapper 50 Cent’s new music video. Stationed right here in Long Island, New York, Team Salamone took place in the entire rally. Their Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has a chrome finish over the original Verde Scandal (lime green) paint. The lines of the vehicle, as well as the rims, are out lined in the Verde Scandal color. Along the bottom of the car are gold bricks with names on them. Fans of the Lambo could have donated $100 to get their name on one of these bricks. All proceeds went to help stop Human Trafficking in Africa. There were numerous other GoldRush Rally stickers on the car.

Last but certainly not least is the one of one Bugatti Veyron. Nicknamed ‘Panda’ due to its original white and black color, this Veyron is the only one in the world with that custom color scheme. Valued at over $1 million, the owner doesn’t seem to care to much about the miles he puts on as he took place in the entire rally. Not only does he own this Bugatti, he also owns the white and black Rolls Royce Phantom and the Lamborghini Murcielago SV, both of which took place in the rally. When the exotic rolled down the street it easily stole the attention away from all the other cars. The Bugatti did not have a wrap on the car and only featured GoldRush Rally and sponsor stickers. I do however think that the gold rims are an excellent touch.

We have over 100 pictures of the rally! Come back tomorrow and view the whole album. Although every car was not featured in the article, we will bring you pictures of all the cars we saw!

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An Over Produced Lamborghini?


IMG_1187Is it possible that Lamborghini managed to overproduce their beloved baby bull? At the end of November 2013, the very last Gallardo rolled off the production line at the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy; stopping production at 14,022 units!

A Quick History:

Lamborghini first started the Gallardo line back in 2003. It entered the super car market as an entry-level Lambo. It’s “big brother” bull was the legendary Murcielago. The V10 engine in the baby bull produced 439hp and launched the car to 60mph in just 4.10 seconds! The exotic hit the market with a sticker price of $185,000 and has since risen upward of $225,000. Since the early production days in 2003, Lamborghini has released numerous special edition models such as the Superleggera– a lighter, faster edition kept unique by its limited fleet of 172 units. The latest model was the 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse which produced 570hp and would cost a buyer $264,195 as just 50 cars were produced worldwide.

Over the years the car has battled the spotlight with everything from the Ferrari F430 to the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. As the Gallardo was the successor to the Lamborghini Jalpa, it now has paved the way for the newest member of the family: the 2015 Lamborghini  Huracán LP 610-4! The new supercar will be the baby bull to the already established legend Lamborghini Aventador. The new bull will boast a 5.2 liter V10 with 610hp propelling the vehicle to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 201mph!

With 14,022 Gallardo’s produced it is Lamborghini’s best selling car. In comparison to these high production numbers, Lamborghini made the Murcielago very rare, only making 3,983 in its 10 year model run. One of the Gallardo’s first competitors, the Ferrari 360 Modena, has 17,800 cars today. This includes coupes, spiders and special editions. The Ferrari F430 has also ended production. Although no specific production numbers have been released, it is estimated that around 8,000 vehicles were produced. The Gallardo definitely tipped the scale when it came to production numbers, however it still remains a more rare sighting than a Ferrari here on Long Island. With so many baby bulls tearing up the road one can expect that they will certainly depreciate at a faster rate than some other vehicles, such as the Murcielago. For these high-end performance car owners, this is not good news. However, for those who dream of one day becoming a Lambo owner this is great news– as prices will fall and more used Gallardo’s will be available.

So was the Gallardo over produced? In my opinion, yes. But, hey, who really cares? All that means is that there are more of these beautiful handcrafted machines roaming the streets of the world, and used models will be available for a “reasonable” price.. perhaps around $90,000.

Tell me what you think!

Check out the stunning Lamborghini here!