RWD in the winter?

Living and driving in Long Island has its ups and its downs; right now the down being this awful winter. Not to long ago, over Christmas break, I was driving my 2004 Volvo S60 to my friends house, about 10 minutes away. The snow was falling fast and at a red light the car in front of me was an early 2000’s Ford Mustang. Now my car isn’t that fast (168hp) and yet I still beat the Mustang off the line as his back tires spun out and he started going sideways. Now for a car lover like me, I would love to trade my FWD Volvo and get a RWD car such as a  Dodge Challenger Redline edition, but the problem is how do I rely on a RWD in the winter? Is it even possible? As my car reaches the 140,000 mile mark, I question if this Dodge Challenger would be able to do daily driving in the winter.






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