Photo-shoot: 2003 Porsche 986 Boxster

The past month or so in New York has been cold and filled with snow; so what better time than now to uncover my Porsche and drive around town for a photo-shoot. Just a few days after a relatively big snow storm the little RWD sportscar took to the streets amongst the pickup trucks and snow plows. This is not a review of the car (that will be coming soon), but I must admit the Boxster had absolutely no issues on the wet streets. Of course, if I put my foot down a little extra on a turn, the back, and occasionally the front, did slide out. Keep in mind this is the base model Boxster powered by a 2.7L H6 engine that produces about 227 horsepower. The Porsche could have used a nice wash before the shoot, but I’ll wait until Spring arrives for that. As always feel free to comment on pictures.

You can see more photos on Instagram @Car_Zach.





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