GoldRush Takes New York City: Part One

GoldRush Rally- one of the most epic car events of the year. On May 31st over eighty exotic vehicles gathered in the desert city of Las Vegas. Eccentric exotic owners proudly showed off their even more eccentric cars. I had written about GoldRush a few months back, and finally on June 7th, I experienced the rally for just a few hours and wow, what a time!

Now, these aren’t just any plain exotic cars in their usual colors. The cars get wrapped up in crazy decals. The sponsors of the rally get their company name displayed on the vehicles and some cars sport funny sayings and stickers. For anyone cringing at the idea of putting “stickers” on a $500,000 car, both the wraps and stickers are not harmful to the original paint, and can easily be removed. The wraps aren’t cheap either; for example the chrome blue wrap on the Maserati GrandTurismo cost $8,000.

The beautiful Maserati Grand Turismo finished in chrome blue.
The beautiful Maserati Grand Turismo finished in chrome blue.

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Too add onto the cost of the super-car, the wrap, the fuel prices, GoldRush also offers a few different packages that get you in the line-up. This year to be a part of the full rally- from Vegas to New York City, it is $15,000. The prices do include top of the line stays at hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and epic VIP parties at clubs.

Through GoldRush Rally’s Instagram account I was told the cars would be arriving at 380 Bleeker Street in SoHo, New York City in front of the Robert Graham Boutique at 3pm. The streets were already lined with spectators when I arrived at 2pm. While waiting for the rally to arrive a few very nice vehicles came strolling down the street such as Maserati GrandTurismo, Dodge Charger SuperBee, Ferrari F430 Spider and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster.

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On cue at 3pm loud revving could be heard from the block over and moments later two McLaren 12C’s came rolling down the street with gullwing doors up towards the sky. Both cars were dressed in the same unique wrap that represented the fashion line of Robert Graham, whom I believe was piloting one of the McLarens. Instantly people swarmed the streets rushing to take pictures (and no, the streets were not closed). I should mention that both McLaren’s and all cars participating in the rally sported hearts and stickers that said “Taylor Lynn Foundation: Take a Moment to Give Back”. You can learn more about this heartfelt charity here:

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About fifteen minutes later more revving was heard from the down the street and a Mini Cooper S drove slowly down the road with a gentlemen hanging out the window talking on a PA system getting the crowd ready for what was following. Right behind the small average car came a chrome gold Ferrari 458 Italia. After that the parade continued with numerous Rolls Royce’s, Nissan GTR’s, Audi R8’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and BMW’s. There were over eighty cars that paraded down the small city street, each vehicle wass blasting music, loudly revving their engines and had beautiful women either driving or hanging out the windows.



Personally, I have never heard or seen anything like this in my life. The exhaust notes perfectly echoed off the city buildings and of course the police quickly came to aide in the traffic jam that was being caused on surrounding roads. I tried my very best to capture the best videos and photos possible and again I will also do my best at describing each vehicle and their wraps.

In the gallery above is a beautiful Ferrari F12 that was driven and sponsored by the people over at Black and White Exotic Rentals in California. As seen, the vehicle is made too look like a police car, with the black and white wrap and the sherifs badge on the door. Also on the side of the car says “To Rent and To Serve”. Although I am not totally sure what color the car is originally the black and white wrap was flawless, along with all the decals of sponsors.

Next is a rare, expensive beast- The Porsche Carrera GT (Photo Gallery Below). 1,270 units were produced from 2004 to 2007. Needless to say the car today can run a buyer every bit of half a million dollars. The car was kept pretty original and had basic decals on it compared to the other vehicles. Im not too sure what company sponsored this vehicle, but personally I think the decision to keep the stickers low-key was great idea. I also love how all the decals are gold. It really pops out against the off white paint and also matches the name of the rally. Watch the videos down below and you will here this Porsche howl.

Coming through next is one of my personal favorites- a Rolls Royce Phantom. The beautiful two-door coupe with the hard top roof was absolutely draw dropping. The off white color seems to be the perfect match for this behemoth vehicle. The black grille makes the front of the vehicle pop-out even more than usual and really made it look like one bad ass car. The gold rims look amazing along with the golden decals. The car really has the perfect amount black added to the paint. I also love the black tinted tail lights. If you’re wondering why the front of the car looks dirty, it’s because those are bugs that the Rolls happen to hit during its long journey. The same owner of this car also owns the draw-dropping white Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 SV and the ultra-rare one of one “Panda” Bugatti Veyron; both of which will be featured in the next article.

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One of the more popular cars of choice on the rally was a Nissan GTR. The GTR pictured in the album below happened to be one of my personal favorites. Going with another police theme, the car was wrapped in black and white, but the best feature was the police lights, sirens and PA system. Leave it to the eccentric owners of the car to be hanging out the window and saying funny things over the PA system. Pay close attention and you’ll notice the matte black roof on the vehicle and on the front bumper it says “Caution: Excessive Boost”. If you’re wondering, the sirens don’t just flash they sound like a cop car as well. I must add that this bad boy had one hell of an exhaust not as well.

Next lets move over to the beautiful blue Lamborghini Gallardo piloted by the guys at Synergy Detailing- a Long Island based detail company. Their Lamborghini was wrapped in Smurf blue, the car is originally orange. Across the windshield says Team New York and again all stickers were in gold. Besides absolutely loving the paint job, I love the black tinted tail lights. Another beautiful touch are the black rims. The contrast blue and black really works well together in my opinion. Team New York partook in the whole entire rally from Vegas back home to New York City. Like any Lamborghini should, this Gallardo had beautiful music coming from the tail pipes!

Well that is it for Part One! Stay tuned to CarZach for Part Two which will feature a one of one Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Mucielago SV and the worlds most famous Lamborghini Aventador! Be sure to check out the videos below! More videos and picture to come in Part Two!


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