First Look: Genesis GV80 Coupe

When the Porsche Macan, Aston Martin DBX and Bentley Bentayga get mashed up, you get the 2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe – and that’s not a bad thing.

Sitting under the bright lights of the 2023 New York Auto Show, the newly debuted Genesis GV80 shows off a new sleek fastback design. While Genesis has been quiet on what will power the GV80 Coupe, we can guess it will be a V6 variant from the Genesis GV90 sedan.

Moving past the flashy orange paint, the concept sports big 23 inch rims, a grey and orange suede interior, carbon fiber inlays, and bucket seats. While much of the car does look production ready, a roll bar in the trunk, and 4 small(ish) bucket seats don’t scream practical for a production vehicle. One may assume that a production ready version will have a more usable conventional 3 person seating setup rather two separate bucket seats for the rear passengers.

No Pricing has been released for the Genesis GV80, however, we can expect pricing to begin in the $60,000 to $70,000 range.

My thoughts:

While I would not call the design an original, the mash up of other notable cars actually works out pretty well. The design is sleek and definitely stands out. Not many vehicles, especially larger cars, can pull off a bold color like orange, but the colors suits the GV80 well. Another design note are the headlights. The 2 thin light bars, matching other Genesis cars, helps give the GV80 a sporty and luxurious presence. However, I do wish the headlight design did not continue into the side-marker design. In my opinion, a smaller side marker would look better. I’ve still yet to see too many Genesis’s the road, so I’m curious to see how GV80 gets priced and sells.





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