Photo-shoot: 2003 Porsche 986 Boxster


The past month or so in New York has been cold and filled with snow; so what better time than now to uncover my Porsche and drive around town for a photo-shoot. Just a few days after a relatively big snow storm the little RWD sportscar took to the streets amongst the pickup trucks and snow plows. This is not a review of the car (that will be coming soon), but I must admit the Boxster had absolutely no issues on the wet streets. Of course, if I put my foot down a little extra on a turn, the back, and occasionally the front, did slide out. Keep in mind this is the base model Boxster powered by a 2.7L H6 engine that produces about 227 horsepower. The Porsche could have used a nice wash before the shoot, but I’ll wait until Spring arrives for that. As always feel free to comment on pictures.

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*Please note that all photos were taken and edited by CarZach. All photos are the official property of and any photos used off of this website for public use must give proper credit *

Photoshoot Locations: Port Jefferson, New York and West Meadow Beach, Stony Brook, New York.


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